We have great news! Marten Toxopeus has become the official contact person of University of Twente and ARISE of CIRCLES, the Circular Economy hot spot in the Eastern region of the Netherlands. He likes to share this important information about CIRCLES:

Did you know that during the period of 1960-2000 prices for raw materials decreased with 0,5% per 1% economic growth, however since 2000 these prices rise 2% per 1% economic growth? Raw materials become more and more expensive. It makes sense to use raw materials very carefully. This can be done by adopting the Circular Economy, but how and where to start? To share knowledge and best practices on circular economy, CIRCLES starts the awareness campaign ‘share your circular story’. CIRCLES explains to everybody what the circular economy contains and what it can mean for your organization.

Extending lifespan

Many products we use breakdown too soon, for example electronics or are disposed of, like garments. Within a circular economy the lifespan of raw materials and products are extended. This can be done, for example by reuse or product (components) and recycling of materials. On the website of CIRCLES is it now possible for companies, researchers, students, civilians and municipalities to share their projects and initiatives. Whether or not it’s about innovation to stimulate reuse, research on new business models or a platform to share, you can add your project or initiative to the website of CIRCLES.

Share your story

CIRCLES is looking for companies, researchers, students and resident initiatives and local governments who are proud of their contribution to the circular economy. This campaign has to show that Oost-Nederland is the circular hotspot of the Netherlands.

What is CIRCLES?

CIRCLES is a new digital and a real life meeting spot for everybody in Oost-Nederland who want to contribute to the transition towards the circular economy. CIRCLES is a one-stop-shop platform for entrepreneurs, initiatives and governments who are already active or want to participate in the circular economy. See this introduction video (in Dutch hier) what else CIRCLES can offer you. Twelve partners of CIRCLES developed, initiated by kiEMT and VNO-NCW midden, an approach to make SME companies and NGO’s aware of the necessity and benefits of circularity. CIRLCES tries to create an overview of who is involved in the subject of Circular Economy in Oost Nederland

CIRCLES is a collaboration of Stichting kiEMT, VNO-NCW Midden, Cleantech Center, Universiteit Twente, Hogeschool Arnhem Nijmegen, Saxion, Stichting Circulaire Economie, Cleantech Regio, Kennispoort Regio Zwolle, Regionaal Centrum voor Circulaire Economie, Natuur en Milieu Overijssel and de Gelderse Natuur & Milieufederatie. www.circles.nu