Two IDE students, Elsa Adema and Daphne Pekkeriet, are be involved in the Mind the Step exhibition at the Dutch Design Week which takes place from 22 to 30 October in Eindhoven. They will exhibit their sustainable design project, called Lucas, in the Klokgebouw. Lucas is an interactive lamp which contains LEDs. This lamp was designed and prototyped at a small scale during an educational course of the study of Industrial Design Engineering in 2015. In 2016, the prototype has been redesigned by Elsa Adema and Daphne Pekkeriet and realized at full scale. This prototype has been installed at the campus of University of Twente in a tree near the Sportscenter. The tree is placed in the middle of the road, were cyclists bike all along the same side of the tree, which can cause accidents. The goal of the design of Lucas is therefore to lead people unconsciously along the right side of the tree by letting them follow a small creek made of light which flows, like a kind of roundabout, around the tree. User tests showed that bikers tend to drive along the right side of the tree when in the vicinity of Lucas.

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