For his internship of the Studies of Sustainable Energy Technology, Luis Romero Ruhss stayed during three months in Raja Ampat in Indonesia. Please read about his experiences in the period of Fall 2018:

“I had the fortune of doing my internship in Raja Ampat, Indonesia, for a bit more of three months. Raja Ampat is known as the last paradise on earth due to its amazing landscape, clear water and the myriad of marine species and birds that live in this place. My internship was developed with an NGO called Raja Ampat Research and Conservatory Center (RARCC) under the supervision of Max Ammer, founder and leader for the conservation of the zone. During my time there, I was working in developing an electric boat for local communities in order to improve their mobility for fishing and transportation to other islands. Also, this project was meant to reduce the carbon footprint from diesel engines and preserve the marine ecosystem in Raja Ampat. At the end of my internship, an electric kayak prototype was built to prove the initial idea and test some technologies that can be implemented in furthers designs.

Alongside my internship project, I was having one of the most wonderful, adventurous, and amazing experiences in my life. I was living on a small island far away from crowded and noisy places but surrounded by the sound of birds and the ocean during the day and under the sky full of stars during the nights. Food was so diverse and tasty that remember me to Colombia, my home country. Views were breathtaking above and under water due to the weather and the diversity of animals. Finally, I can not find the words to describe the people there that share with me so unforgettable memories and teach me many things about life and their own culture. I am very thankful to them and will always remember them.  In the end, I was very happy because the experience to do an internship project, which I did successfully and learn about it, become an experience about life that helps me to grow up a person and have a wider vision of the world. Those three months in the last paradise on earth are just memorable for me.